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Interior Designer




For the busy person who wants great design without having to address every detail themselves. I work to develop your trust so, together, we can implement your vision and get you settled in your new space as soon as possible with fewer headaches and hassles along with way. For businesses, my full service offering includes the creation of branded environments and graphic-design services--translating your unique corporate persona into workable, comfortable, usable spaces. 


Created to answer specific design and furnishing questions about any space, any use, any issue. On location or virtually, just show me what you've got, tell me your plan, help me to understand your needs and I'll provide you with fast, tailored solutions ranging from design suggestions, changes, fakes, fixes, ideas, and furniture--making it easy for you to plan for an upcoming remodel, or to navigate one that's presenting unique challenges. Charged by the hour, I can get as specific as sourcing or as broad as visioning. 


All the information you need to execute a design project on your own timeline, against virtually any budget. Fixed fee and by room, I ask you, via email, to give me your dimensions, inspirational images, budget and usages. Then, I'll take it from there to deliver a look book that explores space planning, layout, colors, decorative accessories, furniture and a detailed shopping guide--complete with simple installation instructions and guidelines. 

Maison M Interiors.

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