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Residential design is highly personal and not always entirely visual. Sometimes clients are design driven. Other are all history and heart. Some want to recreate places they've seen and experiences they've had. Others want to be part of something aspirational Some want more efficiency and simplicity. Others are a blank canvas and open to anything. Whatever the need, whatever the vision, my process begins with listening. Engaging myself in the client mind-set, personality and lifestyle with exploratory conversations, tours of spaces, understanding of artifacts and things of sentimental value--examining every nook and cranny with precision, care, deep detail and an appreciation for personal taste and lifestyle. Sometimes my job is as simple as downsizing and minimizing. Others its about excess and extravagance. No matter the client--no matter the budget--I'm there to provide the insight, guidance and solutions they need with passion, often with pragmatism, and always with sheer excitement.  

Maison M Interiors.

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